If you land on this page, you may have been recommended by a darling fellow coach or heard me on a podcast … so I may not be a total stranger. But it is also possible you do not know anything about me.

So let me tell you here who I am : as a life coach (1) and as a person (3). I’ll also reveal my Super Power as a coach (2) and my expertise topics (5).

If you think I might be the coach for you, all you have to do is scroll down and send a message via the contact form (4).

I really look forward to hearing from you and the problem you want to overcome. I just love to join efforts to dissolve them!

1. My coach story

My name is Virginie Loÿ and I certified with the Life Coach School in 2018, with the last in-person certification offered by Brooke Castillo in Dallas… What an incredible and unforgettable experience!

My curriculum and past experience as a trained volunteer on a helpline for women victim of domestic abuse drove me to search for new ways to support them. At the time, I redacted a blog on the subject. That was turned into a book, published by the largest French non-fiction publisher.

This experience led me to digging deep into coaching on problematic, or even toxic and abusive, relationships (both family or workplace).

But as I expanded my coaching practice, I realized that MY SUPER POWER resided in the fact that I am an extremely versatile coach.

2.  SUPER POWER as a coach

Unlike many coaches who specialize in one topic, say anxiety, weight loss or confidence, my own specialty is being excellent at being a generalist coach.

My approach is holistic, as in “taking into account the various facets of the problem to create a unique solution”. And…  
Let’s face it … Who hasn’t had personal problem sliding into their work life, or health issues impacting relationships or finances? For example:
– a work problem sneaking into intimacy issues between the sheets,
– not proceeding with a career move because of partner/family/etc.
– letting financial fears drive romantic or professional choices?

=> Benefit of AGE and EXPERIENCE

It might be the privilege of my age and experience (more on that below).
Or perhaps the fact that I basically had to coach myself out of unproductive thought patterns or behaviors on almost every subject…

  • The result is that I can help you see clearly where your brain is leading you astray and what creates thoughts, feelings and behaviors you’d rather not have.
  • When coaching, I provide a safe space for you to express yourself and the thoughts or feelings that may appear irrelevant. We can make sense of them all and eradicate forever those preventing you from living –as I do- the life of your dream.
  • In this place of non-judgment, there is nothing you can not talk about (trust me, I worked on a helpline…) and nothing you are not allowed, or helped, to think or feel.
  • I do not have an opinion about the « right » solution for you, but I will hold you to the highest dream you can create for yourself.

So that’s the kind of coach I became.

You’ll find at the bottom of the page a random list of subjects that I have come across personally or through my coaching.

3. My personal story

I was born in the 60’s into a French catholic and strict family. I got a Bachelor degree in International Business in London and never really returned to France after that.

Instead, I moved to Portugal and, with my future ex-husband, started a company in real estate, with lots of employees and lots of revenue.  We then moved to Finland (his country) where we created a company in the media field and grew again to many people and much money.

During this time, we had 2 daughters and a lot of arguments, due mainly to his drinking and my not coping with it, with him (or with myself either).
I divorced.

I started from scratch in 2003, with 2 small girls, no job and not speaking the language. I decided to do what I really wanted and I started a company making mosaics. Yes, mosaics as in little pieces of stone you put together to make art or interior decoration.

I successfully developed my own artistic style and my creative business. I held 8 solo art exhibitions, decorated 2 hotels and wrote a book (about mosaic, published in Finland and France). In the meantime, I also faced the bankruptcy of another linked project.
One day, after 13 years of that and with my 2 daughters having left home to study, I decided I wanted to do something else.

On the personal side, I had a string of either unsatisfying or unbalanced romantic relationships that led me to decide to put a stop to my emotional dependency.

Responsibility and emotional adulthood

When I started to take full responsibility for my life and my emotions, everything started to change.

  • I have a tremendous relationship with my 2 daughters, close and fun.
  • I am totally at peace and in love with my past, my family and my ex husband.
  • I met the man who is now my husband, even though we were « just friends » for a long time. It’s a bliss!
  • I committed to my personal growth.
  • I trained to work on the helpline above, and that leads back to the beginning of the article 🙂 .

Lifestyle Now

I now live in my house in the Finnish countryside during the summer.
I enjoy the pool, golfing and walking in the forest.
I spend the winter in a small Sicilian village. I enjoy the healthy food and the long walks on the beach with my dog Pixie.

I also like to travel, read, play games, spend a lot of time in nature and with creative activities such as illustration and pattern design.
I coach a selected few clients at a high level.

4. Working with me

Whom, how, where :
I coach my beloved clients online from wherever I am and wherever they are.
I coach in English, French and Finnish.
I have coached people in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, USA, Canada, UK , Belgium, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Germany… world today is soooo amazing !

I only work individually (1:1) with a small number of highly dedicated and committed clients who know what they want and are not afraid to go and get it.

I do not offer any group coaching nor ready-made program (and do not plan to). I always tailor my program to my client’s specific need, it’s my jam. 

If you want to talk about your wishes and see if we are a good fit, please fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you.

    5. What do I coach on :

    Here is a non exhaustive list of subjects I or my clients have been working on. And as a French life coach, I spice all my coaching with a lovely accent 🙂

    • creating a unique life making own lifestyle/work mix 
    • starting a unconventional life / freelancing / creating career or adjusting a career mix with personal choices such as nomadism or expatriation
    • money, money mindset, scarcity issues, asking the right price or salary for one’s services
    • setting high goals and following up on them
    • sorting out personal conflicts and relationships, divorce
    • making decisions (and sticking with them)
    • recovering from burnout or toxic work environment,
    • coping with disease or disease of a close one (such as cancer, dementia)
    • asserting oneself amongst others without cutting ties,
    • anxiety and chronic anxiety
    • making fear of failure (or of success)
    • recovering from failure (ie : bankruptcy) or trauma (abusive relationship, loss)
    • coping with Covid and lockdown as an entrepreneur

    and overall, whichever the issue :

    dreaming and creating BIGGER solutions.

    Do not stay stuck!
    Reach out and let’s see how we can move forward together 🙂